Business model and segments

DEUTZ is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers and was founded in 1864 by Nicolaus August Otto, developer of the four-stroke engine, and Eugen Langen. Since then, DEUTZ has been supplying reliable drive systems for mobile and standalone static applications. We are an independent producer of diesel and gas engines with a power output of 25 kW up to 520 kW for on-road and off-road use. The DEUTZ Group's customers include manufacturers of construction equipment, forklift trucks, tractors and other equipment as well as the buyers of such machines. Operating activities are divided into two segments: DEUTZ Compact Engines and DEUTZ Customised Solutions. The DEUTZ Compact Engines segment comprises liquid-cooled engines with capacities of up to 8 litres. The DEUTZ Customised Solutions segment specialises in air-cooled engines and large liquid-cooled engines with capacities of more than 8 litres. Operating under the name DEUTZ Xchange, the DEUTZ Customised Solutions segment also supplies reconditioned engines and parts.

DEUTZ also offers its customers advice and support on installing the engines and operating the machinery. Our services are closely aligned with each of our customers’ individual needs. We actively assist customers with the repair, maintenance and servicing of their vehicles and machines fitted with DEUTZ engines. The global DEUTZ service network, which comprises subsidiaries, service centres and authorised agents, guarantees a reliable and rapid supply of spare parts.