Safety management

Over the past few years, ongoing measures in the area of occupational health and safety have led to a reduction in the frequency of accidents.

However, the latest environmental KPIs show that the frequency of accidents 1) and the number of notifiable accidents per thousand employees has increased despite safer workplaces being designed and improvements made to our health and safety organisation. Accident frequency, which is the number of notifiable workplace accidents in relation to the number of hours worked, stood at 20.9 in 2016 (2015: 12.9) and was thus significantly higher than in the previous year. Similarly, the number of notifiable accidents per thousand employees increased to 27.9 (2015: 17.7). The investigations carried out after the accidents did not reveal any clear systemic reasons for the accidents so, after reviewing the risk assessments, the necessary instructions were provided to the individuals affected in most cases.

One of the ways in which the DEUTZ AG safety organisation has been improved is the provision of cross-departmental training for fire wardens. This training, which consists of both theoretical and practical parts, was run by the works fire brigade.

1) Accident frequency: number of accidents per million hours worked (as defined by the employers’ liability insurance association).