Focus on water pollution control

The relocation of shaft production provided an opportunity to check that the production machines were not causing water pollution. This thorough inspection of the machines was carried out in order to pinpoint and completely eliminate any leaks from what are normally inaccessible places.

Moreover, the collection trays were designed with generous dimensions on-site by a specialist company. We invested €450 thousand in the installation of the collection trays, which play a key role in water pollution control.

All equipment that can contain or collect water pollutants and that is subject to mandatory inspection requirements is inspected at defined regular intervals by experts in order to comply with water pollution control requirements and increase technical uptime.

The risk of contaminating water courses and soil as a result of operating this equipment has been significantly reduced because we invested in renewing our machinery as part of the relocation of shaft production from Cologne-Deutz to Cologne-Porz.