Energy management system

After successfully implementing the energy management system and obtaining certification for it in recent years, we made organisational and technological refinements to the system in 2016.

For example, the energy teams were reorganised in connection with the restructuring of the Cologne and Ulm sites and we introduced a KPI system for monitoring energy targets in the plants. Data capture was further improved by integrating mobile data entry technology into the energy monitoring system. This system provides a basis for identifying potential savings through the use of detailed analyses.

At operational level, this involved implementing the resulting measures as well as planning and implementing the energy concepts in new buildings. The energy teams’ hard work enabled us to achieve annual savings of 715 MWh from a total of 20 projects.

As well as maintaining the continuous improvement process, our focus for 2017 is to raise awareness among employees in areas of production where energy consumption is high. We will also concentrate on carrying out an efficient closure of the plant in Cologne-Deutz and completing the energy concept in the new shaft centre.

DEUTZ Group: Energy consumption in our plants 1)    
  2016 2015
Electricity 79,837 80,283
Natural gas 35,795 34,243
District heating 23,017 23,857
Heating oil 4,440 3,863
Diesel fuel 2) 20,144 21,335
LPG 3) 310
1) Plants in the DEUTZ Group, excluding joint ventures.
2) At 9.85 kWh/litre (mean).
3) At 12.8 kWh/kg (mean).