Other risk

Cyber risk

We are a technology-driven company that is heavily focused on research and development. Being an innovation leader gives us a competitive advantage that forms the basis of our long-term success. The risk associated with this is that strictly confidential information, particularly concerning new technologies or partnerships in research and development, could find its way to our competitors through illegitimate means.

As well as the loss of confidential information, it is conceivable that forged documents could be used to siphon off capital without authorisation. Cyber risks such as these could have a negative impact on our market position and limit our financial flexibility. This might ultimately harm our reputation.

We have put a series of measures in place to protect against cyber risks. As well as regular security training for employees, these include security measures for computer hardware and IT security guidelines that have been laid down by management. In view of the precautions that have been taken, we continue to categorise these risks as ‘low’.

Legal risks

As a Group with multinational operations, DEUTZ is subject to a variety of regulations under tax, competition and patent law as well as to other legal and statutory requirements. Existing and potential legal disputes are recorded and analysed on an ongoing basis at DEUTZ; they are assessed in terms of their legal and financial impact and an appropriate amount is recognised in the risk provisions in the accounts. The outcome of legal disputes is uncertain, however. This means that there are further risks, not accounted for through provisions on the balance sheet, that could negatively impact on our financial targets.

Groupwide standards such as the general terms and conditions of business, sample contracts for various uses and implementation provisions in the form of organisational guidelines are refined on an ongoing basis and reduce the level of new legal risks at DEUTZ. The legal affairs department and external lawyers are also regularly consulted about projects and the finalisation of contracts that fall outside the scope of the standards developed for day-to-day business. Given the positive overall progress in ongoing cases and in view of the measures that have been taken either to avoid or minimise risk, we now categorise the legal risk as only ‘low’.