Continuous optimisation of the control system

Regardless of fluctuations in the economic cycle, one of the DEUTZ Group’s overriding aims is the continuous optimisation of its management systems. This essentially involves the annual planning of all specified performance indicators. This planning is based on both internal estimates of future business and benchmark figures from competitors. Each organisational unit prepares detailed plans for its area of responsibility, which are then coordinated with the management strategy. Both the specific unit sales and revenue targets and the customer and product-related targets (EBIT margins) are aligned with the operating units each year, taking groupwide objectives into consideration. This means that they are available at the relevant hierarchical level for use in operational management.

We specify working capital targets for the individual companies in the DEUTZ Group in order to optimise the capital tied up in the business. These overall figures are then broken down and specific targets for inventories, trade receivables and trade payables are allocated to the relevant individual employees.

We are pursuing long-term growth objectives. In order to secure the financial basis for this, we have made the management of capital expenditure a central element in the management of tied-up capital: clearly specified budget figures set out the framework for the level of capital expenditure and development expenditure; actual requirements are derived from the medium-term planning of unit sales and the resulting requirements in terms of capacity and technologies. Annual budget meetings are held to coordinate individual projects, development expenditure and planned capital expenditure with the groupwide financial planning process and to record the outcomes. An additional detailed review is carried out before projects are actually approved. To this end, we use standard investment appraisal methods (internal rate of return, amortisation period, net present value, the impact on the income statement and cost comparisons). A project with an appropriate budget is only approved if there is a clear positive outcome from this investment appraisal.