Basic principles and objectives of the composition of the Supervisory Board; particularly, conflicts of interest/independence of Supervisory Board members and the consideration of women

The Supervisory Board re-drafted the specific objectives ­regarding its composition in accordance with articles 5.4.1 (1) and (2), 5.4.2 DCGK at its meeting held on 24 September 2015. The new version is as follows:

“The Supervisory Board must be composed in such a way that its members as a group possess the knowledge, ability and ­expert experience required to properly complete its tasks. In particular, the following applies:

a) Internationality

To reflect the international nature of the Company’s activities, at least two Supervisory Board members shall have ­several years’ experience of international business – preferably ­acquired abroad.

b) Potential conflicts of interest

The composition of the Supervisory Board shall also take account of potential conflicts of interest of its members.

All members of the Supervisory Board are obliged to ­disclose any conflicts of interest, especially those arising from an ­advisory function or directorship at customers, suppliers, lenders or other third parties.

Supervisory Board members shall not be directors of major competitors of DEUTZ AG.

c) Number of independent Supervisory Board members

The Supervisory Board is limiting its target concerning this ­aspect to the shareholder representatives. It considers this group to have an adequate number of independent members if the number of independent members equals the number of members who are not independent, i.e. at least three.

d) Standard age limit

At DEUTZ AG, there is no age limit for Supervisory Board members or for Board of Management members. Nor is there a standard limit on length of membership of the Supervisory Board. This is because DEUTZ AG wants to retain the option of benefiting from the experience brought to the Company by older members of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board and/or long-serving members of the Supervisory Board.

e) Diversity/proportion of women on the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board shall primarily take the appropriate skills of its members, and also its diversity, into consideration when deciding on its composition. The Supervisory Board welcomes the fact that the law for the equal participation of women and men in managerial positions in the private and public sectors has now come into force and that, as a consequence, the Super­visory Board will have at least four women members after the elections marking the start of the next membership cycle in 2018, if not before.”

Except for the target relating to female representation, the Super­visory Board has continuously met these objectives since 2012. It has even exceeded them in cases such as the international experience available on the Supervisory Board and the number of independent members. The current members of the Supervisory Board are all considered independent within the meaning of article 5.4.2 sentence 2 DCGK. No conflicts of interest between members of the Supervisory Board and DEUTZ AG arose in the year under review.