Three-quarters of all deutz shares in free float

Swedish truck and construction equipment manufacturer AB Volvo is the largest individual shareholder in DEUTZ AG, with a stake of just over 25.0 per cent. The proportion of free float shares is almost 75.0 per cent, and they are held by a broadly diversified range of private and institutional shareholders both in Germany and abroad. Most of the private investors are in Germany, although fund management companies based in North America held the largest proportion among the institutional investors. At the end of 2016, Norges Bank held 4.1 per cent of our Company, while Old Mutual Plc held 3.1 per cent and Dimensional Holdings Inc. 3.0 per cent. These are considered non-controlling shareholdings.

Shareholder structure as at 2 February 2016

Chart: Shareholder structure as at 2 February 2016