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Chart: The world's most successful engine system


“To offer the most successful engine systems in the world” – this is our vision.

In 1864, DEUTZ became the world’s first engine manufacturer and we intend to remain a market leader when it comes to customer benefit, quality, technology and all aspects of engine systems and service solutions. As a leading independent supplier in the premium segment, our objective is to be the force behind innovative, market-driven technologies and to provide our customers not just with engines but with complete system solutions and a comprehensive range of services.

We want the DEUTZ name to remain synonymous with quality and we want our products and services to generate maximum customer satisfaction and to offer the best possible cost-benefit ratio.


DEUTZ has been a byword for pioneering spirit, passion and innovation since its foundation in 1864.

We invented the internal combustion engine and have improved it every day since then.

We are leading the way in developing environmentally friendly and efficient drive technologies. Our customer-specific solutions offer long-lasting high quality and reliable performance at an affordable total cost of ownership.

Working closely with our partners, we are developing the technologies today that will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

DEUTZ – the engine company.
We set standards and shape the future.